Wearable technology is on the rise

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Browsing the news this morning you might notice that wearable technology is prominent in. Wired, TechCrunch and Engadget are just a few of the titles that have their home page’s littered with headlines surrounding the topic.  As intimated in our Hot Topics infographic from May, where we highlighted wearable technology as the fastest rising topic, it is rapidly climbing to become one of techs hottest topics.

One of the biggest causes of this surge is the vast array of new products that are soon to be launching to market. Today alone we have stories of Samsung’s Gear S smart watch, LG’s G Watch R, Ralph Laurens POLO Tech Smartshirt and Ybrain’s Alzheimer’s wearable.  Yesterday there was more with news of Casio’s G-Shock, Apple’s wearable device, Jabra’s pulse-tracking earbuds.

We could go on forever listing the products but we are here for the media. As you can see from the graph below the topic of wearable technology has been gaining momentum over the last nine months.

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But at what point of the topic lifecycle is wearable technology. After a quick analysis of the recent headlines and stories around the topic we feel that wearable technology is well developed into phase 2. Vendors are striving to bring new products to the marketplace whilst promoting the benefits that these new technologies could bring to the users.

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What stage of the lifecycle do you think wearable technology is at? Let us know…

MarketingWearable technology is on the rise

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