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Anyone who sells or markets to Chief Information Security Officers needs to know who they depend on for news and insight.

  • Build effective and productive influencer relationships
  • Uncover ‘under the radar’ CISO influencers that your competitors can’t hope to know about without access to this report
  • Optimise your valuable marketing/sales resources by focusing in on the influencers who matter

Finding the relevant influencers is the biggest challenge

richardround3One of the biggest challenges for any marketer in the tech sector, as they embrace influencer marketing, is knowing who the relevant influencers are.

I know, from my own experience, that engaging with an influencer purely on the basis of their popularity can often yield disappointing results. It’s not the number of followers it’s the type of followers that matter.

Take Walt Mossberg and David Bisson as an example. Mossberg is an excellent, well-known and well-respected technology journalist and is followed by over 800,000 people on Twitter. Bisson, on the other hand, is a less well-known contributing editor on Graham Cluley Security News with under 10,000 followers – so only a fraction over 1% of Mossberg’s follower base. But which of these two has the largest following amongst US CISOs? You should really buy the report to find out, but what the report will tell you is that Bisson is followed by 5.7 per cent of CISOs in the US whereas Mossberg is followed by 3.8 per cent. So even with nearly a million, predominantly tech orientated, followers Mossberg’s appeal to CISOs is less than that of David Bisson.
The next, perhaps larger, challenge is how marketers engage with these types of people. Well, here’s a bit of advice, if your content is relevant and of interest to them then they’ll share it with their audience. Don’t believe me? Well if we can get them – and dozens of other top influencers – to tweet and write about what we are doing at Target (Chris Curran tweet, Kara Swisher tweet, Michael Krigsman article and Russ Finney release) then I’m convinced that you can too! And, needless to say, it is the exact same analysis contained within our Influencer Reports that has informed, underpinned and driven our own successful influencer marketing campaign for the reports themselves, which have resulted in hundreds of high-quality leads.

The solution to the problem

Apollo Research has put together the most in-depth analysis of CIO influencers I have seen. The report goes into depth on 20 different market segments, looking at the top influencers in each group.Michael Krigsman
CXOTALK host, Keynote Speaker, Industry Analyst

Social media has presented us marketers with massive opportunities. But it also presents us with one major headache: NOISE!

If you combined all the people, media and organisations that CISOs follow on Twitter you’d find there were millions (in our research alone we found that 1,852 CISOs follow over 360,000 different Twitter accounts). It’s, therefore, imperative for efficiency, not to mention our sanity, to concentrate on those influencers that, as a group, CISOs pay most attention to. And that is precisely what we have done with our CISO Influencer Report.

The reason we have published this report is to help marketers identify the people, media, events, communities, and organisations that CISOs turn to first before all others. These influencers are the ones that CISOs trust. Most of them are producing really specific information for CISOs, such as Brian Krebs, Richard Betjlich and Ed Skoudis. Whatever the nature of the content they produce, when combined, the 300 in this report reach 85.7% of US-based CISOs.

But it’s important to remember that a large number of people on social media now trust digital influencers nearly as much as their real-world friends. Research by Twitter and analytics firm, Annalect revealed that 40% of their research sample had purchased an item after seeing it used by an influencer on one of the social media platforms. Don’t kid yourself that CISOs are different because they aren’t. Half of the 300 influencers in the report are categorised as security experts, meaning that the group that CISOs listen to most are trusted people who alert, and inform CISOs about the emerging threats to their organisations.

If you sell to CISOs and you are ignoring these top 300 then you will be missing a great opportunity to build your brand and product/service awareness amongst the CISO community.

Who should buy this report?

Anyone who works in:

  • Social marketing
  • Marketing communications
  • Influencer marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Public relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Sales

What’s in the report?

The report is 43 pages long and packed with information:

  • What occupies a CISO’s mind?
  • The Top 30 Influencers Overall
  • The 30 Most Influential People
  • The Target Relevancy Index Top 50 – a look at those influencers who position their content specifically for CISOs
  • The Categories – this section breaks the influencers down into 20 categories including:
    • Technology News
    • Security Advisors and Consultants
    • Security Firms
    • Security Experts at Vendors
    • Shows/Exhibitions/Events
    • Technology Analysts
    • Forums/Communities/User Groups
    • Analyst Firms
  • The top 10s – e.g. the top 10 politicians followed by CIOs, the top 10 celebrities, etc.
  • A full listing of the Top 300 in alphabetical order.

Next Steps…

Before you decide to purchase I really recommend downloading the redacted version of the report by filling in the form at the top of this page so that you can see the layout and format of the report. You’ll also find that not all the data has been redacted so if you want to know who or what ranks in the top 15, or the top 15 most influential people then download the free redacted version.

If, however, you’re already convinced and want to go ahead and buy the report then please place your order by clicking the button below. The report is normally $1,650 but if you order before midnight 7th November 2016, then you can buy it at our special launch price of just $990 a huge saving of 40%.

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