Tech Analyst Firms: Top 5, Q2 2015

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It’s time for a quarterly update to the Apollo Analyst Rankings. The results are based on coverage within top tier national, business and technology publications with the analysts ranked by their presence in the media.

Here are the results for April-June 2015:


Most Quoted Firms

1. Gartner
2. Forrester Research
3. IDC
4. IHS
5. Parks Associates

Most Quoted Analysts

1. Robert Enderle (The Enderle Group)
2. Patrick Moorhead (Moor Insights & Strategy)
3. Charles King (Pund IT Research)
4. Stuart Miniman (Wikibon)
5. Brian Blau (Gartner)


Most Quoted Firms

1. Gartner
2. IDC
3. Forrester Research
4. IHS
5. Frost & Sullivan

Most Quoted Analysts

1. John David Lovelock (Gartner)
2. Ramon T. Llamas (IDC)
3. Patrick Moorhead (Moor Insights & Strategy)
4. Robert Enderle (The Enderle Group)
5. Brian Blau (Gartner)


When compiling the rankings, Apollo Research looks at more than just story numbers. We employ a weighting system which also factors in variables such as the prominence of a company’s mention within an article. By looking at the number of times a firm has been quoted in the media as well as the importance of those mentions within each article we build up a clear picture of which firms are most quoted by journalists – and the firms most likely to be seen by the readership of those publications.


MarketingTech Analyst Firms: Top 5, Q2 2015