Tech Analyst Firms: Q4 2014’s TOP 10

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The Apollo Analyst Rankings

 At the tail end of last year we saw the first ever Apollo Analyst Rankings. The rankings look at the media presence of industry analyst firms within top tier national, business and technology publications, providing a league table of the Top 10 tech analyst firms by their presence in the media.

When compiling the rankings, Apollo Research looks at far more than just story numbers. We employ a weighting system which also factors in variables such as the prominence of a company’s mention within an article. By looking at the number of times a firm has been quoted in the media as well as the importance of those mentions within each article we build up a clear picture of which firms are most quoted by journalists – and the firms most likely to seen by the readership of those titles.

As the technology industry grows and develops, with increasing numbers of new entrants to the market, businesses are becoming more and more reliant on the insights and guidance provided by tech analyst firms, particularly when it comes to enterprise buying decisions. With this, the importance of analyst relations has become a paramount concern for PR and marketing functions of many technology firms.

The Apollo Analyst Rankings aim to help AR and PR professionals identify the tech analyst firms which have the greatest reach in the media.

As can be seen when comparing the results of Q4 2014 (below) to those of Q3 2014 there is significant variance, highlighting the importance of keeping track of the changing prominence of analyst firms quoted in the tech media.


Q4 2014 Tech Analyst Firm Ranking

 Top 10 Most Quoted Firms (US Media, Oct – Dec 2014)

Analyst Source, Apollo Research’s analyst relations tool is the ideal solution for technology PR, marketing and analyst relations professionals. Analyst Source allows you to search analysts by themes, companies and regions, identifying the analysts that are exerting media influence on specific audiences and sectors.

In Q4’14 analysts were most quoted in articles relating to:
  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Smartphones
  3. Mobile Applications
  4. Tablet Computers
  5. Server Software
Using Analyst Source we have identified the top 3 analysts quoted in the media for tablet computers:

Robert Enderle – The Enderle Group

Patrick Moorhead – Moor Insights and Strategy

Mikako Kitagawa – Gartner

MarketingTech Analyst Firms: Q4 2014’s TOP 10