Report:Industry Analysts
Country:United Kingdom
Date:May 2016
Author:Richard Laven

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This report takes an in-depth look at the people, media and organisations that most influence industry analysts based in the UK. It highlights the technology writers and analysts that are followed most as well as the media that are most read by the UK analysts. This report is essential reading for anyone involved in the UK analyst community.


The report is divided into 4 main sections:


Examines the top 30 media, writers and organisations that have the largest influence on UK based Industry Analysts

Influencer Categories:

This section looks at the influencer categories that have the highest penetration amongst the industry analysts located in the UK

  • The top 30 technology analysts
    • From Francesco Jeronimo to Andrew Buss – the analysts most followed by their peers
  • The top 30 technology writers
  • The top 30 technology news feeds
  • The top 30 technology companies
  • A further 8 categories including:
    • The top analyst firms
    • The top analyst relations people/teams
    • The top general news feeds


This section looks at areas away from technology that interests industry analysts including politics and politicians, comedy, celebrities, sport, space and science.

The Top 200

A complete listing of the 200 people, media and organisations that influence the UK industry analysts the most.