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Marketing Automation… How is share of voice changing?

In recent years we have seen a huge development within marketing automation. The market has grown from a few small players into a multi billion pound industry attracting some of the largest technology companies in the world. This growth has most likely been driven by the increasing importance of marketing as a business function and therefore a greater demand for solutions to improve and automate marketing operations.

In a market such as this where there are a number of companies, with a mix from established (Adobe, IBM) to developing (Hubspot launched as a startup in 2006) companies, all competing for a share of the media space, it is interesting to see the fluctuation in the share of voice.

Infographic: Share of voice & Top 10 media sources for Marketing Automation

Share of Voice & Top 10 Media for marketing automation (USA Media Coverage Q3 2014)

Whilst it would be great to attribute all of these fluctuations to fantastically timed and executed marketing campaigns, it is often the business operations that are the root cause of the changes. In the infographic one can see that IBM suffered a 16.1% reduction in its share of voice compared to the quarter April-June. This loss has more to do with a return to the norm after a surge in IBM’s coverage in the previous quarter due to its acquisition of Silverpop.

Hubspot has enjoyed a 10.6% increase in share on the previous period. This spike in share of voice is related to the recent announcement of an IPO, in which Hubspot is enjoying increased media attention. Fluctuations of this type are inevitable, the media are interested in stories which may have a bigger impact on the market as a whole; new product launches, acquisitions, executive appointments and changes in structure all provide the media opportunity for speculation and reflection.

This does not mean that vendors are rendered powerless to the wants of the media. What it does mean is that companies need to be much smarter and creative with their communications. How can one story be adapted and angled to suit the varying needs of the journalists and publications that reach their audience? Which journalists and analysts are writing about their competitors? Which media sources are publishing articles about their topic areas? How can these fluctuations be used by vendors to feed interest in other stories?

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