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Richard Merrin

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Managing Director – Spreckley Partners

What is…?

Your favourite book:

“American Psycho” – Brett Easton Ellis… it never fails in its power to shock.

The sporting event you’d pay most to watch:

I am just not a sports type of guy – if God had meant me to engage in sports and bending down, he would have put packets of fags on the floor.

The most beautiful place you have ever visited:

For the sheer assault on the senses, Mysore in India. From the colours and light, to the smells and heat, the architecture to the people. It is a sight to behold, especially at dusk.

The place you’d most like to visit:

Australia. The only reason I have not gone as yet, is that I am utterly convinced that if I went I would not come back.

Your favourite waste of time:

Angry Birds Friends – nothing like a good bit of competition.

The best bit of a trans – Atlantic flight:

No phone, no email, no people, no nothing – perfect.

The app you cannot do without:


The best stress buster:

Reading, without a doubt. And with Radio 4 on in the background.

The best work trip ever:

A two week odyssey across the US in January, as I had to attend two kick off’s in rapid succession. The first in Phoenix, the next in South Beach, Florida. And all the while London was shivering in sub zero temperatures whilst I worked on my tan.

The best day of the week:

Thursday: A hugely productive day of the week and you know the overwhelming majority of your clients will be ‘working from home’ the next day.

The one thing you would grab if the office was on fire:

My phone.

The thing you know now you wish you had known five years ago:

The power of the word ‘NO’.

The greatest influence on your career:

My first MD, Sean Kennedy as John Fowler & Sons in Manchester, part of the Shandwick brand now. he taught me every trick in the book when it came to client relationships and people management. He was an old school PR man whose most long standing client had been with him through thick and thin for 25 years. Show me that today!

The achievement you are most proud of:

Over the 19 years I have been at Spreckley I have seen a huge number of people come and go and I would say without a doubt my greatest achievement is seeing how successful so many of them have become.

The one thing you would change about the industry:

The number of times I have heard this; “why is it that the senior team comes in and pitches to win the account. They win and then vanish putting more junior people on the account.” The PR industry needs to wake up to the power of the grey hair and realise that clients want to see experience.


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