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Apollo works closely with a wide range of technology companies in Europe and the US to measure their PR coverage. This is achieved through our in-depth media coverage reports. Our media coverage reports are currently available for 27 individual countries or can provide global or multinational summaries.

Apollo Research focuses exclusively on the technology and IT services sectors and concentrates on tracking and analysing coverage within the most important national, business, technology, trade and vertical press. We ignore the peripheral titles and announcement reprint sites that so often skew less discerning analysis.

We believe it’s quality rather than quantity that matters. Getting hundreds of stories a month is fantastic, but only if they are in sources read by the audience your business targets.

Media Evaluation Report

What you get from a media coverage report:

Share of voice:

Here we benchmark your company’s media coverage against its key competitors. The share of voice analysis is based on far more than story numbers alone. We factor in the prominence of a company, product or brand within each story, weighting coverage according to how likely it is a reader would see the coverage. We base our media evaluation analysis on a sample of key national, business, technology, trade and vertical titles – eliminating the danger of your competitors’ results being artificially inflated by coverage in low quality sources which are never actually read by your target audience.

Thought leadership:

As well as your overall share of voice we also benchmark your editorial coverage at topic/technology level. Having specified the subjects/technologies you’re most interested in we’ll show how your editorial coverage on those subjects compares to your competitors. We’ll also show how much of your coverage relates to each topic to ensure it’s consistent with the topics/subjects you’re currently promoting.

Journalists, Media & Technology Analysts:

This section of the media evaluation analysis looks at the journalists, media and technology analysts that are writing most about your sector. It identifies how much coverage the key influencers have given you compared to your competitors. This is a powerful gap analysis from which you can identify your strengths but also pinpoint key areas where relationships need to be established or strengthened.

Apollo Research’s media evaluation provides significant insight into the media landscape surrounding your particular business sector. The information is designed to help you assess the outcome of your PR and marketing activities, report success to your colleagues, and identify ways media coverage can be further improved.

How can you use media coverage reports to achieve more?

Measure your PR activity

Results that allow you to keep on top of the progress made


Independent evidence to demonstrate what your PR has achieved

Identify opportunities

See what’s working and what’s not – and take action

Strategy & Planning

Put targets in place and be sure everyone is working to the same goals


Added extras:

Sometimes you need that little bit more information to really get to grips with your campaigns. Here are some of the extra services we can provide to add extra impact to your reporting.

Sentiment Analysis

How much of your coverage is positive, neutral and negative and how this compares with your competitors.


What are your brand values and what benefits are you perceived to bring; is this in line with your objectives: or are there messages that need to be worked on? Which messages are being targeted by your competitors?


I find the monthly reports are laid out extremely well. When they arrive it’s possible to very quickly scan for the key updates you need, with further information clearly laid out for when you have time to look at the findings in more detail. What’s also helpful are the explanations as to why competitors’ share of voice has changed, by highlighting specific events or initiatives they’ve undertaken that month. We know what SAS has been doing, so it’s our competitors we need to know about. Overall the reports are very well laid presented and strike the right balance between being succinct and to the point, but also providing the background information you need to put the numbers into context.David Smith, Influencer Relations Manager -
We’ve been working with Apollo Research for four years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company’s services. Not only does Apollo help me demonstrate the impact of communications to the business, but the reports and insight inform and improve future programmes. Sam Grey, Director Marketing Communications -
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