Building effective journalist relations is a key part of communications and public relations. A big part of this is identifying the journalists that will provide the greatest impact to your target audience.

Apollo’s online database Journalist Profiler brings you over 21,000 technology journalists writing for European, US and Asian media sources.

Only Apollo gives you the writers you need to target by specific topic or company. With a couple of clicks, you can have a list of the most prolific journalists on any topic – from big data to SDN.

Our online tool allows you access 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.

Drawing on Apollo’s continuous research programme into media coverage of technology, The Journalist Profiler is a unique resource to maximise the success of your campaigns.

Four reasons to use the Journalist Profiler as your key journalist relations tool:

1. Build your coverage

Target more journalists to increase your media coverage. The service also ensures you stay on top of who is writing about competitors.

2. Get up-to-speed with a new area

Quickly build a picture of the influencers in a new sector.

3. Improve your engagement with writers

Research how they approach a topic before you call journalists.

4. Save time

Use the database to brief spokespeople on the writers they are talking to.

“We find the Journalist Profiler to be a really useful tool to help us accurately target journalists with stories that are relevant to them.  Our business model, which links our fees firmly to results, means that we need to work smart and efficiently, so tools like this are a huge help to us and ensure that we don’t waste our own or journalists’ time with pitching the wrong stories.”Dianne, Eclat marketing
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