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The Analyst Source is a unique online database providing information on 240 analyst firms and over 3,200 analysts quoted in the US, European and Asian media.

Over the last seven years it has become an essential tool for AR professionals at tech vendors and agencies.

Analyst relations play a big role within communications and public relations for the technology sector. This tool provides key insights into the analysts that will have the greatest impact on your businesses coverage.

The analyst source is the ideal solution for identifying analysts that are writing about your company, competitors or topic areas.

This online tool provides 24/7 access from any computer or mobile device, identifying key analysts to help you build and improve your analyst relations programmes.

The service identifies analysts that need to be targeted, links to what they have been saying, shows the extent of their media profile and tracks the journalists that quote them. It also carries LinkedIn and Twitter details for all analysts that have them.

Why use the Analyst Source

Target analysts – don’t miss out on analysts, particularly in unfamiliar sectors

Media profile – understand the media reach of each analyst, a significant part of their influence

Save time – put together briefings or prepare for pitches quickly

AR and PR – help PR and AR work more closely together

AxiCom views the Apollo Analyst Source as a central plank of our analyst relations programmes. It helps us focus our AR programmes for the best results for our clients, but also for the most effective communications with analysts whose major bugbear is the time they waste handling poorly targeted PR approaches. Lyle Closs, AxiCom
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