Apollo can help you

PR measurement and media evaluation is not just for the benefit of in-house teams, it can benefit agencies too. We work with a great number of public relations agencies across the globe, proving the value of the great work they are doing for their clients.

Public relations professionals understand that there is far more to media measurement than clippings and the “thud factor”. Achieving quality media coverage in the right titles is key. Apollo provides agencies with the ability to prove the value of their work.

Every month Apollo works for agencies on a range of pitches. Our reports quickly show how well a company has performed, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and send a strong signal that you are focused on delivery.

And the reports work.

The average pitch involves 3.6 agencies; agencies using Apollo’s reports win 1 in 1.9 pitches (April 2013 to May 2014). In other words, use the reports and tilt the odds in your favour.

Track and demonstrate the progress of your activities with Apollo’s reporting. Everyone uses some form of measurement: Apollo’s reports are fast, affordable, authoritative. And independent.

The influencer landscape is more complex and more dynamic than it has ever been.

Updated every week, Apollo’s online databases help you identify the thousands of analysts, journalists and bloggers that discuss and write about technology. The results show who they are, what they say and the other influencers they work with.

Dedicated to the technology and services sectors, Apollo helps ensure you don’t miss influencers and saves you time planning pitches and campaigns.

Apollo Research has a range of products that help you secure new- and retain existing – business:

New business Reports:

Are you pitching for a new technology client? Our new business reports provide you with media intelligence and key metrics giving you an instant overview of their media space, key areas of improvement and a head start over your competition. Find out more…

Media Coverage Reports:

Show your technology clients that you are dedicated to achieving more quality coverage for them. Benchmark their media coverage against competitors; show their performance in thought leadership topics; identify journalists and publications that regularly feature them and identify new influencers to target. Find out more…

Analyst Source:

Analyst Source is the ideal tool for PR agencies looking to improve analyst relations for their technology clients. Analyst Source allows you to search by company name, topic, country or publication, identifying the analysts that are quoted the most by the media. Find out more…

Journalist Profiler:

Journalist profiler is the only tool dedicated to identifying technology journalists. Search by topic, company, country or publication to pin point the journalists that are writing articles and blogs most suited to your current media needs. Find out more…