NotPetya – Top 10 Security Brands in the Press

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The top 10 account for 80% of all security vendor mentions

On June 27, less than two months after the WannaCry ransomware attack, a more sinister malware dubbed NotPetya was hitting the headlines. We reported here on which security firms were most frequently cited in coverage of WannaCry. Looking at coverage of NotPetya we see that Kaspersky and Symantec are once again the most prominent security brands. However, this time, Symantec was closely followed by Bitdefender. Some vendors, including Comae Technologies, Recorded Future, Digital Shadows are more highly ranked than in the WannaCry analysis. There are also a number of new entries in the Top 25 including Group-IB, Cybereason, Emisoft, Kryptos Logic and Anomali.

Apollo analysed press coverage containing one or more of the following terms: Petya, Goldeneye, NotPetya, Petrwrap, ExPetr during the period 27th June- 9th July 2017. The analysis was limited to key national, business, technology and trade press in the US and UK. Social media and announcement reprint sites were not included. Each security vendor is ranked based on how frequently and how closely it was associated with the search terms. Broadly-based companies, such as Microsoft and Google, were excluded from the results.

The table below shows the relative brand profile of each company in coverage relating to the NotPetya outbreak. Between them the Top 25 companies account for 98% of all security vendor coverage around this topic.

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