Mobility as a Service is feeling the media heat

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Mobility as a Service is feeling the media heat

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a topic so hot right now it should probably come with oven gloves and a warning label. Its growth has shifted into the stratosphere thanks to the evolution of mobile technology as it has rapidly become more accessible, flexible and cost-effective. The business with nous is looking for ways to build on the potential of MaaS to improve productivity, drive efficiency and enhance communications.


MaaS has tapped straight into the explosion of mobile technology and has enormous potential for both the enterprise and the consumer. Smartphones and tablets and other innovative mobile solutions have become the workforce enabler, placing the employee on 24/7 rotation, always-on, always-client ready. According to the Office for National Statistics in the UK 4.2 million people worked from home in 2014 and, even more impressively, the latest Forrsights workforce employee survey by Forrester [] has found that employees use an average of 2.3 mobile devices apiece.


Apollo Research is tracking MaaS and related terms in the media on a continual basis and our research has uncovered significant trends in the market. We have also identified which organisations are most commonly associated with MaaS in terms of thought leadership, awareness and brand. Those that currently sit in the top ten in terms of mentions across the most relevant media channels, from one to ten, are: Microsoft, Apple, IBM, BlackBerry, Samsung, Kony, Google, VMWare, HP and AirWatch.

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These brands are the ones that are, according to our research, most heavily associated with Mobility as a Service and each shares a significant portion of the overall coverage. The differences between Microsoft and Apple are slight with the former taking 17.9% and the latter 16.7%. IBM then sits at 10.9% of the overall coverage.


It is interesting to note that between August 2014 and January 2015 alone there were an impressive 680 articles dedicated to Mobility as a Service across the leading publications such as, VentureBeat,, ZDNet, Tech Republic and Apollo Research has done in-depth analysis of how the coverage is broken down and this shows how MaaS is mentioned in the media across analysts, spokespeople and companies.

Trends over the past year in coverage show that media are increasingly invested in MaaS and mobility solutions.  From February 2014, MaaS and related terms have been covered in 1547 articles with peak periods in July and August. In January 2015, the volume dropped from a July 2014 peak of 190 pieces to just over 100, but these shifts are in line with the volume of technology articles written across the board.


Its good news for leaders in the industry such as IBM and VMware who are shifting to user-centric solutions that provide organisations and employees with the tools they need to take full advantage of mobility technology.

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MarketingMobility as a Service is feeling the media heat