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The world is going mobile, according to Statista in 2013 73.4% of the worlds internet users accessed via a mobile device. By 2017 this is expected to reach 90.1%.

This explains why the last five years have seen an increase in acquisitions around mobile adtech, from Google & Apple to Yahoo everyone is getting in on the mobile adtech movement.

Noticing a spike in coverage of mobile adtech this year the team at Apollo Research used their media analysis skills to evaluate the coverage around the sector and see how share of voice was being shared.

Mobile Adtech Media Analysis infographic 2014

A look into the media landscape of mobile adtech, looking at share of voice and key writers


Apollo Research’s media analysis shown in the infographic takes a look at the nine key players within the market.

Flurry can be seen as the clear leader for share of voice in this period (Apr – Sep 2014). The significant increase on the previous period can be attributed to Flurry’s acquisition by Yahoo ( For more information around this take a look at what our friends at had to say about the results).

Inmobi suffered a 14.3% decrease in its share of voice on the previous period. A fall such as this whilst is not ideal, can be put down to the surge of media attraction caused by Yahoo’s acquisition of Flurry and Inmobi’s  strong presence in the previous period, highlighted by the announcement of its out reach of 759 million active monthly users and its expansion into the Chinese market with partnerships such as that with gaming company CocoaChina.

Mobile adtech is providing writers with significant stories. The increasing market share, acquisitions product launches and the increasing number of adtech startup’s all provide great content for technology writers. The Top 10 list of writers shown in the infographic looks as the writers who have the most articles published around the area of mobile adtech.

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