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Data visualisation is attracting much media attention, but vendors need to work hard to raise their share of voice within the current editorial landscape.


Data visualization, the creation and study of the visual representation of data, is an extraordinary journey that takes the business through the reams of data and information at its disposal and allows for its analysis and understanding in ways that can be nothing short of remarkable. It can help companies make sense of data faster, as well as facilitating the observation of patterns that wouldn’t necessarily be apparent from looking only at raw data. The big names are already swimming steadily in this ocean – Microsoft, Tableau Software, IBM, SAS, SAP – all crafting interesting solutions that allow companies to tap into the potential of this data and use it to transform, develop and grow their businesses.

Almost 50% of the editorial coverage around this topic from February 2015 to July 2015 has been dominated by three companies.

Organisations that specialise in data visualisation face fierce competition for awareness and a piece of the media pie, especially those that have to battle the big budgets, well funded PR campaigns, and loud voices of the bigger brands. Apollo Research has found that almost 50% of the editorial coverage around this topic from February 2015 to July 2015 has been dominated by three companies – Microsoft, Tableau Software and Qlik.

Microsoft received 22%, Tableau Software 15.5% and Qlik 9.7%. Google, SAP, IBM and Oracle all sit in the top ten while Dell, Accenture and Tibco are in the top 20.  What’s interesting to note here is that some of the biggest brands are fighting for a relatively small piece of the coverage while Microsoft has an impressive lead over its closest competitor.

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(Source: Apollo Research. Share of voice (%) for organisations mentioned in editorial coverage of data visualisation, February – July 2015, UK and USA media)

Data visualization remains a topic of interest for the media and industry with many of the leading brands investing in partnerships and products (Microsoft’s recent purchase of Datazen Software being a case in point as well as Dell’s partnership with Datawatch) that can further drive their market share and solutions. For organisations to gain deeper traction within the market they need to adopt creative PR campaigns that engage and make enough noise for their voices to be heard.

One recent example of this is Datawatch’s social media data visualisation which captured how social media users feel about the candidates for the Republican Nomination and their policies. Users can select an issue or a candidate and instantly see the net sentiment, trends by day/hour/minute and the result is an engaging and interactive campaign. It will be interesting to see how this kind of promotional activity affects the company’s share of voice moving forward.

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