Influencer marketing: rising influencers on tech

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Rising influencers on tech

Influencer marketing has become one of the key marketing trends in 2014 and looks as though it is here to stay, forming an integral part of marketing strategies across the globe.

But influence isn’t something that is guaranteed, or stays forever, levels of influence fluctuate. People, organisations, groups and events rise and fall in prominence over time depending on what is happening at that current moment. We have used our new influencer marketing tool “Apollo Target” to identify who is currently on the rise in terms of their influence over the technology sector.

The rising influences on tech:

The Biggest Risers Sep – Nov 2014: taken from Apollo Target influencer marketing tool
  1. Banksy (@thereaIbanksy)
  2. Feminist Frequency (@femfreq)
  3. Marc Andreessen (@pmarca)
  4. Philae Lander (@Philae2014)
  5. Tim Cook (@tim_cook)
  6. InfoSec Taylor Swift (@SwiftOnSecurity)
  7. You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
  8. ESA Rosetta Mission (@ESA_Rosetta)
  9. Saved you a click (@SavedYouAClick)
  10. Peter Thiel (@peterthiel)

The top 10 represent a real mix of influencer types. Some may argue that by definition many of those mentioned in the top 10 are not influencers in that they may not have the “capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself”. But this information tells us far more about the client than just the influencers, it identifies the watering holes of our audiences, where they go for fun, information, what their hobbies are etc.

Whilst we would love to go through and discuss each of the 10 influencers in the list individually we really don’t have the time, so we have chosen four examples.

Our first two influencers are an example of two which may have a fairly short lived span of influence for marketers. Philae Lander and ESA Rosetta Mission are very much of the moment. These social media accounts are focused around the recent space exploration projects and are exactly the kind of things PR and marketers should be looking out for. They have grabbed the attention of the tech audience in a significant way. Identifying a link, or an opportunity to discuss this topic in a social media campaign, or blog post will not only make your company look current and in tune with the audience. But will also help in drawing in key targets by keeping your company fresh and topical. The question is will they be as influential in 12 months’ time, probably not.

InfoSec Taylor Swift is an example in the list of a really smart and funny social media campaign, that has the potential to engage an entire market (and possibly has). This parody of Taylor Swift has taken a teen music icon and given her a voice on matters of security, so much so that the account has 36.9K twitter followers and is bidding for the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Crunchie at the TechCrunch Awards.

Peter Thiel, no surprise there I hear you say. He has always been a pretty dominant character in the tech world, as co-founder of PayPal, Co-Founder of Palantir and investor in many other tech companies including Facebook and LinkedIn. He was ranked No.4 on Forbes Midas list of 2014. But what has spurred this sudden surge of influence?

Looking at his twitter account there is only one tweet visible “From zero to one” made in September of this year, containing a URL link to an Amazon page where you can purchase his new book of the same title. Whilst this could be the answer to the sudden surge, we thought we would look a little further and have carried out a media search for “Peter Thiel”.

The results brought forward a mass of articles. As suspected many were focused around the launch of his new book, but there were other significant themes in the headlines. Many of which are related to Thiel’s thoughts on other companies of which there seems to be many. Firstly we have Thiel’s statement about Twitter It’s a horribly mismanaged company — probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there.” Then there was Thiel’s statement around the IPO of Alibaba “it’s fundamentally a political investment”, this statement was made when explaining why he wouldn’t be investing. And finally his explanation as to why Facebook will be more successful than Google.

We would suggest that Thiel’s first ever tweet in September publicising his book, and his recent interesting discussions have left people hoping he will be far more vocal in his social media. This 75.4K twitter following for one tweet – an estimated 27k increase in 3 months shows not only the level of Thiel’s influence. But also that his influence has now moved far beyond just those with an interest in technology.

Apollo Target influencer marketing tool

Apollo Target influencer marketing tool


Apollo Target is a new influencer marketing tool for the technology sector, brought to you by Apollo Research.

This sophisticated tool allows you not only to identify the organisations, media and people that influence technology buyers, but quantifies the extent to which the influences penetrate those buyers.

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MarketingInfluencer marketing: rising influencers on tech