Hadoop media landscape


Hadoop: The media landscape 

With big data becoming an increasingly essential part of businesses on a global scale, so too has the need to handle this data. Apache Hadoop has been designed as a solution for managing data across multiple computers.

This open source software enables businesses to process and utilise massive amounts of data across different locations quickly. As an open source software, Hadoop is available for free to anyone to develop utilise and improve.

Three companies which have taken advantage of Hadoop’s ability to process data and are currently competing within the sector of Hadoop distribution are Cloudera, HortonWorks and MapR. Each of these three companies is approaching the market slightly differently, with a similar aim to be the most desirable distribution for Hadoop.

Hadoop has been developing as a topic over the last year, as can be seen in the graph below the topic of Hadoop has been steadily increasing within the Apollo Index. With the topic of big data performing so well in the media over the last year and currently in the Top 10 Hot Topics for tech, it is expected that topics related to big data will also perform well within tech media. Hadoop and the companies related to it are benefitting from the industry’s demand for big data solutions.

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Cloudera, HortonWorks and MapR will currently be enjoying the benefits of Hadoops rising share of media coverage.

In the last 6 months the number of stories about Hadoop that included at least one of the three competitors increased by 51% (within Apollo Research’s data set). All three companies are receiving better coverage through the growth of the topic. But how are they competing against each other for share of voice and who is leading the pack.

The pie chart below shows that Cloudera has maintained its position as share of voice leader over the last six months when compared to the previous six month period, increasing its share of voice by 2%. HortonWorks too secured its number two position with 33% share of voice, a 3% increase on the previous period. Whilst MapR Technologies has suffered a 5% reduction dropping to 16%.

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When looking at the articles there are clear similarities in the type of articles being published which coincides with the maturity of both the market and the company’s products within the marketplace. Each of the companies feature in articles which are focused around their competitors; there are headlines for new business wins; product developments; investments and “How to?” features.

It is clear from the articles that there is still a lot of potential to develop this topic within technology media and, therefore, opportunities for companies involved in this sector. There is a growing appetite for analyst discussion around the topic with an increase in the number of journalists quoting analysts within articles and an increase in the number of analysts writing about the topic area.

The competition within the media is still developing for the Hadoop marketplace. As you may expect with an open source solution, barriers to entry are limited to the knowledge pool that is available to develop solutions. Competitors are quickly emerging and potential investors are keen to get involved. We could see some major changes within the industry and media landscape in the future.

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