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Scott Baradell

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Founder & President – Idea Grove

What is….?

The last film you watched:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which was much better than Rise. Nothing can match the Statue of Liberty reveal from the original of course.

The book you should have read but still haven’t:

There are many. With three small children at home and another on the way, I’m lucky to get past the table of contents.

Your favourite waste of time:

Facebook used to be my favourite waste of time. Now it’s probably better categorized as a bad habit I can’t seem to break

The best stress-buster:

Quiet time with my IPad Mini.

The best work trip ever:

I was flown first class to Tokyo to speak at an event hosted by NTT. It was a whirlwind trip, but we packed in so much over a few days. Our hosts were incredibly kind and gracious. I finally got to use my three semesters of Japanese. I learned to like sake. I even got to see some snow monkeys 🙂

The best day of the week:

Sunday. That’s true for everybody right?

The one thing you would grab if the office was on fire:

The name plate from my dad’s office, which he made by hand many years ago. I keep it on the windowsill in mine.

The thing you know now that you wish you had known five years ago:

(Apart from the Facebook share price) It never hurts to give people the benefit of the doubt. Go easier on people, including yourself.

The greatest influence on your career:

My dad. He was a very smart and funny person, but also painfully shy. I’m naturally introverted but I’ve forced myself to break through that, because I wish more people had gotten to experience those qualities of my father.

The achievement you are most proud of:

There are four: Juliet, 6; Benjamin, 5; Jack, 11 months; and Christopher, due in October.

The steepest learning curve you have been through:

I was a newspaper journalist for six years before I took my first marketing job, which was to ghost write a book on personal finance for the CEO of a financial services firm. I had a deadline of three months to complete the book, and when I started, I barely knew how to balance a chequebook. So that was pretty steep.

The best thing about being a PR and marketing agency owner:

The field has become increasingly challenging and complex. The pace of change is such that if we ran an Idea Grove the same way we did three years ago, we’d probably be out of business. I love the challenge to keep changing and improving.

The biggest challenge facing brands:

It depends on the brand and industry, of course. For B2B technology companies, which are Idea Groves niche, one of the biggest challenges is to successfully market complex technologies to non-technical buyers. By 2017, Gartner predicts that more technology purchases will be made by CMO’s than by CIO’s. One of Idea Grove’s priorities is to seamlessly negotiate this transition.

MarketingFriday Q&A – Scott Baradell @ Idea Grove