Friday Q&A – Ellen Roeckl @ A10 Networks

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Ellen Roeckl

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Sr Director of Corporate Communications – A10 Networks

What is….?

The last book you read:

“Something wicked comes this way” by Ray Bradbury. I read it years ago in high school, but my daughter is now reading it for school, and I like to read some of the more interesting books in parallel. It makes the last minute help with the project a lot easier.

The sporting event you’d pay most to watch:

I would love to see a World Cup final. We are big soccer / football fans, and in particular, big fans of Bayern Munich and the German national team.

The most beautiful place you’ve ever visited:

Well, I live in California, so I am always surrounded by beauty and consider lake Tahoe and Yosemite some of the most spectacular places on Earth. But outside the US, I would have to say that a recent stay on the island of Capri in Italy was so spectacularly gorgeous , that it took my breath away for days. The water is so clear and the most fascinating shades of blue and green that it almost looks fake.

Your favourite waste of time:

Reading and Facebook.

The best bit of a trans-Atlatic flight:

None of it if in coach, all of it in business class.

The app you cannot do without:

Waze, for avoiding the worst traffic in Silicon Valley.

The best stress buster:

A really hard workout.

The best work trip ever:

A 10 day trip to the Nagano Prefecture in Japan to shoot a film of a Class 1 clean room semiconductor facility. The factory part was fascinating and the mountains of Japan are stunning. The people were so warm and interesting, the food was an experience and the Japanese bath atop the hotel was sublime. Amazing trip for a 26 year old.

The best day of the week:


The one thing you would grab if  the office was on fire:

My computer.

The thing you know now that you wish you had known five years ago:

That life accelerates as you get older and to savour the times when my kids were young.

The greatest influence on your career:


The achievement you are most proud of:


The steepest learning curve you have been through:

Learning to think in terms of content instead of news.

The one thing you would change about the industry:

24/7 email.

The best thing about being a communications director:

Being able to get paid for writing.

The biggest challenge facing brands:

Creating content that appeals to our customers and creates engagement. You used to be able to just buy brand. Now you have to earn it by being interesting and adding valuable insights.

MarketingFriday Q&A – Ellen Roeckl @ A10 Networks

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