Enterprise Collaboration tools remain on trend and in flux

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Enterprise Collaboration


According to Ovum, a research and consultancy firm focused on converging IT, telecoms and media, the era of the tethered employee is coming to a close and the business being further challenged to find collaborative strategies that can improve human engagement and productivity. However, the tools and solutions that play in this space are often criticised for their inability to deliver fully on their remit and are seen as too pricey, complex and time consuming. This melting pot of changes and challenges can potentially be harnessed by organisations that have solutions in the sector by capturing a greater share of voice.

Companies the media are talking about in relation to Enterprise Collaboration

According to Apollo Research the top ten companies that have the greatest share of voice around enterprise collaboration are, in order from 1-10: Microsoft, Cisco, Box, Unify, Huddle, IBM, Google, Avepoint, Slack Technologies and Avaya. The media are also talking about Dropbox, Blackberry, Oracle and Trello who sit in the top 30 overall.

These results cover the period of March 2015 to August 2015 with around 633 published articles talking about Enterprise Collaboration in a sample of key national, business and technology press in the UK and USA in this time period. The findings indicate that, as a topic, Enterprise Collaboration remains fairly significant and top of mind. However, there has been a steady decline in chatter since March’s record of 140 articles down to August’s 80. 

This shift can provide the organisation with an opportunity to reignite the conversation use this to address the challenges and issues currently impacting the Enterprise Collaboration market.

Media, journalists and industry analysts 

Apollo’s research has found that the technology analysts most featured in this sector are from Constellation Research, Ovum, Macehiter Ward-Dutton and the IDC. Alan Lepofsky was the most quoted analyst commenting on subjects related to Enterprise Collaboration over the last six months.

The top five publications and authors most associated with the topic were Dom Nicastro at CMS Wire, Blair Hanley at PC World, Matt Kapko at CITEworld, Pedro Hernandex at eWeek and Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch Europe. Other publications running in the top five include Tech Republic, information-age.com, Contact Centre News and On Windows.

As 2015 comes to a close, changing gears downward as the months plummet towards the festive season, trends for 2016 and analyses around the success of Enterprise Collaboration for 2015 are strong talking points for the media.  This provides the business with a chance to discuss plans for the future, tackle the challenges of the past and carve out a bigger share of voice for the brand.

MarketingEnterprise Collaboration tools remain on trend and in flux