Digital Transformation: moving the media

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Digital transformation is a movement. It’s a shift that sees the leaders of today step into the markets of tomorrow. It is also still very much a misunderstood phenomenon. The Altimeter report on The State of Digital Transformation (2014) drew the conclusion that whilst a large percentage of respondents said they were undertaking digital transformation within their business, only a relatively small proportion of these companies had a clear understanding of what it actually was. The concept is so broad and varied that it has ignited media interest and now is the time for brands to strike. Altimeter defined Digital Transformation as “The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”

Apollo Research studied media coverage relating to the term ‘Digital Transformation’ within a sample of key business and technology publications in the US and UK during the 12 months ending March 2015. Our analysis found 2291 articles published on the topic with  990 companies mentioned. The top ten companies that had the highest media profile within these  stories were, from first to 10th place: Cognizant, IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, Microsoft, Sapient, Oracle, DocuSign, Salesforce and Amazon. The top three (Cognizant and IBM tied at 11.7% and Accenture second with 10.9%) had a significant lead  over the rest.


Digital Transformation - Apollo Briefing

Digital Transformation – Apollo Briefing


Our research found that many of the organisations that are leading the conversations around digital transformation are major IT services companies such as Cognizant, Accenture, Capgemini and TCS. While on the topic of media of course, it’s worth noting which publications and platforms are the most prolific in reportage of this subject.  Enterprise Irregulars, ZDNet, IT Toolbox, Forbes and are the top five publications with a repeated zest for plundering the rich mines of digital transformation.

Since April 2014, at the start of the period covered by this analysis, there were around 100 articles a month published on the topic. It then rose to just over 250 in September 2014 before slowly declining in subsequent months. Coverage of the topic then exploded in  March 2015 when suddenly it took off, recording an impressive tally of nearly 450 articles published in one month. Digital transformation is trending and it looks like some businesses are catching on…

Companies such as Congizant and Sapient have managed to effortlessly shift their spokespeople into the forefront of the media.  Apollo Research found that Cognizant’s spokespeople sat in no less than four spaces in the top 10 list with Sapient taking two spaces. Capgemini, DocuSign, Accenture, and Huawei Technologies each take one spot of those left in the rankings.

Analysis of the coverage spread over the top 20 media in relation to digital transformation shows an interesting breakdown across company. The first ten – Enterprise Irregulars, ZDNet, IT Toolbox, Forbes,, E-consultancy,, and Digital Marketing Magazine – have all included references to Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Amazon over the period. Accenture and McKinsey & Co received coverage in all but Digital Marketing Magazine, while Cognizant, Salesforce and SAP are next in the popularity stakes. Interestingly, Accenture, IBM, Microsoft and Capgemini have all received the most consistent coverage across all 20 publications throughout.

Apollo’s coverage breakdown has, as mentioned earlier, shown a sharp increase in activity in March 2015. It is most definitely on the move, already starting to overtake topics such as Software Defined Network and Mobile Collaboration  in terms of media interest and excitement. It is very likely that stories around the topic of digital transformation will see a continual growth in popularity over the next quarter making this the ideal time for the business with a foot in the digital doorway to step up and make some noise.

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MarketingDigital Transformation: moving the media