Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in December 2017

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The security limelight in December shone brightly when it came to accusations, attacks and unpleasant discoveries. The Kaspersky Lab accusation and rebuttal fire continues to rage unchecked across the USA with Trump signing a Kaspersky Lab ban for government use into law. Eugene Kaspersky has now been pulled onto UK television to refute the claims made against his software and … Read More

Richard LavenTop 10 Security Experts in the US news in December 2017

The 10 tech companies dominating PaaS press coverage

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During the six months ending 31st July 2017, Platform as a service (PaaS) was mentioned in over 1,100 articles within the main UK and US national, business, and technology press. Platform as a Service is a category of cloud computing that provides a platform to allow developers to build applications and services over the internet. Whilst hundreds of different companies … Read More

MarketingThe 10 tech companies dominating PaaS press coverage

Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in July 2017

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This is the latest instalment of the top 10 security experts in US news coverage. To see a full list for the USA, UK, France, Germany and Spain then download the free report here. July, as is often the way in the IT industry, was a quiet month. Even the hackers, it seems, took time off to work on their … Read More

Richard LavenTop 10 Security Experts in the US news in July 2017

Who’s Who? Analysts in the Press

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It’s time for a long overdue update to the Apollo Analyst Rankings, showing which analysts are being cited the most in editorial coverage. The results are based on coverage within US and UK national, business and technology press. The ranking factors in frequency and prominence of mention. Here are the results for January-June 2017: Top Analysts Rank Analyst Firm 1 Patrick … Read More

MarketingWho’s Who? Analysts in the Press

GDPR in the News

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Awareness of GDPR is increasing thanks to growing exposure in the press Press coverage of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been building steadily over the last 12 months, with a notable uplift in volume in May and June of this year. GDPR will require organizations to report data breaches within 72 hours or face fines of up to four … Read More

MarketingGDPR in the News

NotPetya – Top 10 Security Brands in the Press

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The top 10 account for 80% of all security vendor mentions On June 27, less than two months after the WannaCry ransomware attack, a more sinister malware dubbed NotPetya was hitting the headlines. We reported here on which security firms were most frequently cited in coverage of WannaCry. Looking at coverage of NotPetya we see that Kaspersky and Symantec are … Read More

MarketingNotPetya – Top 10 Security Brands in the Press

WannaCry: The PR Winners

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Bad news is often good news for security vendors. The media’s appetite for news about high profile hacks, security breaches and ransomware often benefits security vendors to whom the press turn for comment and insight. The WannaCry ransomware attack on the 12th May 2017 is the most recent major security story. We’ve analysed over 500 articles on the topic within the last … Read More

MarketingWannaCry: The PR Winners

Apple, Google, Microsoft – in a league of their own

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The tech behemoths continually grab headlines- and eyeballs for media and blog publishers. Each month we publish a league table of the technology companies that received the most media coverage. The composition of top 500 changes quite significantly each month, but companies in the the top 5-10 remain fairly static from one month to the next. A question we’re often asked … Read More

MarketingApple, Google, Microsoft – in a league of their own

The biggest threat

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Hacks, attacks and breaches – security experts benefiting from bad news days By TAMSIN OXFORD In July 2015 the Ashley Madison website, famous for connecting people who fancied an affair, was hacked and the names of millions of people were exposed. These individuals all came from different levels of society, professions and the magnitude of the hack, as well as its ramifications, … Read More

MarketingThe biggest threat

Information: Visualised

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Data visualisation is attracting much media attention, but vendors need to work hard to raise their share of voice within the current editorial landscape. By TAMSIN OXFORD Data visualization, the creation and study of the visual representation of data, is an extraordinary journey that takes the business through the reams of data and information at its disposal and allows for its analysis and … Read More

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