Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in August 2017

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August is traditionally a bit of a slow month for IT news, but the security sector delivered some interesting and important stories. The 10 security people who were mentioned most in the US press are listed below but you can get a full list for USA, UK, France, Germany and Spain in our free report. There are many different reasons … Read More

Richard LavenTop 10 Security Experts in the US news in August 2017

Who’s Who? Analysts in the Press

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It’s time for a long overdue update to the Apollo Analyst Rankings, showing which analysts are being cited the most in editorial coverage. The results are based on coverage within US and UK national, business and technology press. The ranking factors in frequency and prominence of mention. Here are the results for January-June 2017: Top Analysts Rank Analyst Firm 1 Patrick … Read More

MarketingWho’s Who? Analysts in the Press

The top 10 security people in the news in May 2017

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On the 12th May 2017, the world of cyber security was rocked by the WannaCry ransomware attack. It was the first time that a ransomware attack had probed the public’s consciousness on an international scale, with 24 hour mainstream news stories detailing the nature and subsequent fallout and analysis from the attack. This blanket coverage required comment from security experts … Read More

Richard LavenThe top 10 security people in the news in May 2017

The top 20 UK tech writers that influence other tech writers

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By RICHARD LAVEN, Managing Director, Apollo Research We’re so used to discussing the extent to which some tech writers influence the buyers of tech products but it’d be good to know who or what influences the tech writers. So armed with a bit of free time over the festive period we decided to do a bit of research and see … Read More

MarketingThe top 20 UK tech writers that influence other tech writers

Engaging with Technology Analysts

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Tech Analyst

Public relations practitioners and organisations need to find ways of communicating with the analyst community. Second of a two-part series, by Tamsin Oxford.  In our first piece we spoke with some of the most influential analysts to find out more about how to strengthen analyst relations. In this, the second part, we are examining how PR agencies and organisations can improve relationships … Read More

MarketingEngaging with Technology Analysts

Aligning analyst relations and media relations

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Media and Analysts

Aligning AR and PR: Insights from the technology industry’s most-quoted analysts First of a two-part series, by Tamsin Oxford.  Apollo Research interviewed some of the most influential and often-quoted analysts to find out what is important to them, what makes them tick and what really ticks them off. Industry analysts offer the media a rich resource for research, knowledge and expertise and play a fundamental … Read More

MarketingAligning analyst relations and media relations

Media loses clout among Developers

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Technology media and writers no longer hold sway among headline hungry developers, a survey from Apollo Research has shown. A study of more than 55,000 developers across the world has revealed a clear shift in influencer trends, with developers opting to seek news and information from fellow developers and organisations that supply developer tools, over and above industry writers and … Read More

MarketingMedia loses clout among Developers

The changing face of influential media

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No Guesswork

By TAMSIN OXFORD There is a new royal in the media kingdom, the offspring of content and the internet and an essential tool for the building of relationships and brands – the influencer. The influencer is focused, targeted and respected. Their opinion valued and their level of user engagement a sweet scent to the organisation seeking new ways of attracting loyal … Read More

MarketingThe changing face of influential media

Sponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences

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Sporting Preferences

Sponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences By RICHARD LAVEN A few months ago, I was discussing the impact of sports sponsorship with a client. She was considering a sponsorship opportunity connected to Formula 1 and was at the start of her due diligence process to work out whether this was the most cost effective way to reach her target audience of CIOs in … Read More

MarketingSponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences

Under the Influence

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Under the Influence By TAMSIN OXFORD What is an influencer? These people have rich networks of followers and readers and fans, they are recognised as someone who can provide reliable advice, direction, knowledge and views. They are drivers of change, leaders of trends and makers of public opinion, and they are immensely valuable to brands. The influencer is central to the … Read More

MarketingUnder the Influence