Budget allocation

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I once watched a balloon debate in the nineties featuring sales directors from different types of (old) media pitching to media buyers. After each round one of the media would be voted off. Magazines, thanks in part to a witty and ingenious defence (close relationship, trust), clung on till finally losing out to TV (big audiences, emotionally powerful). Media fragmentation … Read More

Will ArnoldBudget allocation

Friday Q&A – Clive Longbottom @ Quocirca


Clive Longbottom Co-Founder & Service Director – Quocirca What is….? The last book / film you read: Book: “Snuff” by Terry Preatchet, an excellent all round guy and great social commentator through his books Film: Shanghai Knights – for a little light relief Your favourite waste of time: Wordament – a word game by a team at Microsoft. It’s totally addictive, playing with others … Read More

MarketingFriday Q&A – Clive Longbottom @ Quocirca

Friday Q&A – Eddie Johnson @ ESET


Eddie Johnson Global MarCom Director – ESET What is….? The last book / film you read: Book: ‘The hare with amber eyes’ – Edmund de Waal Film: Her The sporting event you’d pay most to watch / avoid: Watch: Derby County winning the Champions League Final Your favourite waste of time: Liming The best bit of a trans-Atlantic flight: Sleeping The app you cannot do … Read More

MarketingFriday Q&A – Eddie Johnson @ ESET

How confident are you?


  Apollo is undertaking this survey to better understand the current state of PR and marketing within the technology sector. At Apollo Research our efforts are focused around media analysis and PR measurement. We trawl through millions of articles each month analysing sentiments, gathering share of voice and generally measuring the impact of PR & media within the technology industry. … Read More

MarketingHow confident are you?

Big data

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The topic of “big data” has been the focus of media attention for quite some time. The internet is awash with content around the subject, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve impact. This is not to say that the topic is in any less demand or has a lesser importance within the current media landscape, it is suggesting … Read More

Will ArnoldBig data

Friday Q&A: Omer Wilson – Digital Realty


Omer Wilson Marketing Director, EMEA – Digital Realty   What is….? The last book / film you read: Book: ‘The Singularity is near’  – Ray Kurzweil Film: Bab Aziz (by Nacer Khemir) The sporting event you’d pay most to watch / avoid: Watch: The World Cup (Football) Avoid: Rugby or cricket The most beautiful place you’ve ever visited: Istanbul The place you’d … Read More

MarketingFriday Q&A: Omer Wilson – Digital Realty

Friday Q&A: Abhinav Kumar – TCS


  Abhinav Kumar Chief communications & marketing officer – Tata Consultancy Services Europe   What is….? The last book you read: Solo by William Boyd. Its the latest James Bond Thriller, handed out at our London reception, which celebrated the best of British  culture. For over six decades Ian Fleming’s iconic spy has shaken and stirred the world’s imagination and this … Read More

MarketingFriday Q&A: Abhinav Kumar – TCS

The roller-coaster ride of a hot topic

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Hot topics – this month, think wearable technology – continue to ride high in stories and in press releases (not of course always the same thing). Little wonder: these topics reflect new technologies and new ways of using technology and audiences need information on this. The challenge for companies in talking about hot topics goes beyond simply taking the opportunity … Read More

Will ArnoldThe roller-coaster ride of a hot topic

Whiteoaks and its MBO

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Twenty-one years ago, in the spare-room of her house in Farnham, a small market-town in the UK, Gill Craig launched the Whiteoaks PR agency. Today, still in Farnham, Whiteoaks commands a fee income of over £4 million ($6.4m), 40 employees and a client-list that includes Honeywell, Teradata and Software AG. It is also six months into an MBO. Across Europe … Read More

Will ArnoldWhiteoaks and its MBO