Get heard at Mobile World Congress 2015

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Discover how to Make Your Voice Heard at Mobile World Congress – Webinar on Feb 5th 2015 Helping your company to stand out from the crowd in the media hubbub of Mobile World Congress can be a daunting prospect. Apollo Research is teaming up with PR and marketing agency éclat Marketing and Justin Springham, editor of the GSMA Mobile World Live portal and TV, in a webinar … Read More

MarketingGet heard at Mobile World Congress 2015

Influencer marketing: rising influencers on tech

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Influencer marketing has become one of the key marketing trends in 2014 and looks as though it is here to stay, forming an integral part of marketing strategies across the globe. But influence isn’t something that is guaranteed, or stays forever, levels of influence fluctuate. People, organisations, groups and events rise and fall in prominence over time depending on what … Read More

MarketingInfluencer marketing: rising influencers on tech

Mobile Adtech – a media analysis


  The world is going mobile, according to Statista in 2013 73.4% of the worlds internet users accessed via a mobile device. By 2017 this is expected to reach 90.1%. This explains why the last five years have seen an increase in acquisitions around mobile adtech, from Google & Apple to Yahoo everyone is getting in on the mobile adtech … Read More

MarketingMobile Adtech – a media analysis

Share of voice: Marketing automation


In recent years we have seen a huge development within marketing automation. The market has grown from a few small players into a multi billion pound industry attracting some of the largest technology companies in the world. This growth has most likely been driven by the increasing importance of marketing as a business function and therefore a greater demand for solutions … Read More

MarketingShare of voice: Marketing automation

Who were the most quoted analyst firms in Q3’14?


Industry analysts play a key role within the tech sector. They advise technology vendors on their strategy, product development, positioning; they advise end-users on the procurement of products and services. When corporations make major technology purchases analysts are likely to play a key role in the selection process. Tech companies also need to be alive to the role that analysts play in shaping opinion via … Read More

MarketingWho were the most quoted analyst firms in Q3’14?

Hadoop media landscape


With big data becoming an increasingly essential part of businesses on a global scale, so too has the need to handle this data. Apache Hadoop has been designed as a solution for managing data across multiple computers. This open source software enables businesses to process and utilise massive amounts of data across different locations quickly. As an open source software, … Read More

MarketingHadoop media landscape

Q&A – Richard Merrin @ Spreckley Partners


Richard Merrin Managing Director – Spreckley Partners What is…? Your favourite book: “American Psycho” – Brett Easton Ellis… it never fails in its power to shock. The sporting event you’d pay most to watch: I am just not a sports type of guy – if God had meant me to engage in sports and bending down, he would have put packets … Read More

MarketingQ&A – Richard Merrin @ Spreckley Partners

The battle of the smartphones


With the imminent release of Apple’s iPhone 6, we thought it appropriate to take a look at how the key players within the smartphone market have been performing within technology media. The results were a little surprising. Smartphones as a topic has been declining for some time now. Apollo Research’s figures show that the number of news stories in the … Read More

MarketingThe battle of the smartphones

Wearable technology is on the rise

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Browsing the news this morning you might notice that wearable technology is prominent in. Wired, TechCrunch and Engadget are just a few of the titles that have their home page’s littered with headlines surrounding the topic.  As intimated in our Hot Topics infographic from May, where we highlighted wearable technology as the fastest rising topic, it is rapidly climbing to become one of techs hottest … Read More

MarketingWearable technology is on the rise

Who are the Top VCs in tech media?

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Apollo Research were recently featured in Hot Topics Tech with our article and infographic looking at the top VCs in tech media. Make sure you check it out: The venture capital industry has been transformed over the last decade, driven in large part by the fact that the number of funds has decreased by 25% since 2003. The consequence is that VC firms, which … Read More

MarketingWho are the Top VCs in tech media?