Are you struggling to prove the value of your PR?

Find out why leading tech companies and PR firms are using Apollo Research to independently validate the success of their PR.

Working with technology firms and their PR agencies, we often see businesses who have traditionally struggled to report meaningful results to their board as well as their colleagues in sales and marketing. They have been stuck having to report meaningless figures such as story numbers or hits. Often the results are either taken with a pinch of salt or called into question: the research is not independent or is skewed by publications that would never actually be read by their target audience. PR managers waste precious hours vetting coverage picked up by their media monitoring software, weeding out false positives and have had to become experts in Boolean search terms.

In today’s world of digital marketing only the PR teams that can prove their value to the business will survive and be promoted.

Are You Facing Any of These Challenges?

Company shifting more dollars to other forms of digital marketing

Difficulty demonstrating value to the business

Perception that competitors are getting better press coverage

Trouble creating a meaningful comparison with broadly based competitors

Making your PR campaigns more effective

Wasting time managing your media monitoring software

Why Should I Consider Apollo Research?

Unlike many other, automated, platforms our reports are compiled by a research team with 20+ years’ experience in the tech sector. The reports are respected by senior management for their independence. PR teams save time not having to worry about keywords, Boolean searches, or having to continually check for false positives (which, together with press release posts, often artificially inflate competitors’ share of voice.)

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Reach amongst specific audience groups (e.g. CIOs, Security specialists, IT managers)

Share of Voice (benchmarked against key competitors)

Influencer Analysis (the individual writers and publications you need to target)

Topic Analysis (the subjects resonating most with the media)

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Sadi ShaheedulHaqAre you struggling to prove the value of your PR?