Apple, Google, Microsoft – in a league of their own

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The tech behemoths continually grab headlines- and eyeballs for media and blog publishers.

Each month we publish a league table of the technology companies that received the most media coverage. The composition of top 500 changes quite significantly each month, but companies in the the top 5-10 remain fairly static from one month to the next. A question we’re often asked is: just how big a difference is there between a company in, say, the top 10 and a company ranked, for example, 50th? The answer is a big difference. There’s even a big gap between first and second place, with Apple receiving coverage volumes of around 80% that of Google.

August Top 10


Outside of the top 3 there’s a sharp drop in volume of coverage with 4th placed Sony receiving approximately a third of the coverage Google receives. To further put things into perspective a company such as Kaspersky (ranked 93rd in August) received around 1/100th the volume of coverage achieved by Google.

The Apollo 500 rankings for September are due to be published w/c 12th October. The rankings are based on editorial coverage within an extensive sample of key national, business and technology media. Access the September rankings for free by emailing


MarketingApple, Google, Microsoft – in a league of their own