Apollo Analyst Rankings: the importance of analyst relations

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Apollo Analyst Rankings

Industry analysts provide research, knowledge and expertise which is then often used to assess the competitive landscape, influence corporate buying decisions and to provide the press with independent expert opinion.

This alone confirms that building successful & healthy relations with analysts can play a significant role in the success of an organisation. In the last six months Apollo Research has monitored over 345,000 articles  in the US of which analysts were mentions in 22,384. That is 6% of top tier technology and business articles in the US.

As technology media experts we have been producing the “Apollo Analyst Rankings” since last year and it has proven to be an essential resource for many. The rankings show  analyst firms which have received the most media coverage. Below is the Top 10 most quoted analyst firms in the US media for Q1, 2015.


Apollo Analyst Rankings

Analyst Rankings Q1 2015

Top 10 Most Quoted Analyst Firms (US media, Jan – Mar 2015)

Comparing the Analyst Rankings to the results from Q4 2014, it can be seen that whilst the top 4 positions remain unchanged, there are significant changes in positions 5 to 10. With two new entrants to the rankings, Strategy Analytics and The Enderle Group, replacing Wikibon and Unified Communications Strategies. We can see the importance of continuously monitor one’s analyst relations strategy and building relationships with the most media savvy analyst firms in order to help achieve a greater level of media coverage.

Building successful relationships with analysts can be a tough job. With an ever growing number of industry analysts and even more media sources in which to reach your audience, the task is becoming equally important as it is difficult.

Here are three top tips for a successful analyst relations strategy:

  1. Know the analyst -What do they like? What don’t they like? Have they written about your competitors… what did they say?
  2. What’s hot – Stay on top of what is happening in the industry and make sure you package your messaging to align with these trends, this will grab their attention.
  3. Be concise – you’ve identified what they like and what is on trend, now make sure your messages are clear and easily identifiable, make it easy for them to help you.


If you would like more information as to how Apollo can help you with your analyst relations through our Analyst Source tool then please get in touch with us on:

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MarketingApollo Analyst Rankings: the importance of analyst relations