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Apollo Research helps clients assess the effectiveness of their PR strategy, giving them the tools to communicate results to stakeholders.

Our PR reports provide actionable intelligence to help companies identify ways to further improve their media coverage.

Taking the guesswork out of  your PR

Apollo gives you a wealth of information to help plan and evaluate your PR and marketing campaigns.

Media Evaluation and Insight

Apollo gives you an unprecedented insight into coverage of you and your competitors and which influencers are driving the agenda.

The media landscape has never been more complex. Apollo understands the countries, competitors, thought-leadership topics, influencers, sentiment and messaging you have to manage and report on.

Apollo helps you make sense of what’s being said about you and your competitors. We turn the coverage into clear insights that help you measure, report and plan your PR strategy.

And we do this better than anyone. We believe it’s because of our experience, our focus on the technology and services sectors, and the strength of our research model.

Today, we measure media coverage of technology and services in 27 countries across the world. We lead this market: over 200 companies and agencies rely on us for PR analysis.

Apollo captures and scores every brand and technology theme (cloud, big data, mobility and several thousand others), as well as the journalists and bloggers who author the coverage and the industry analysts who are quoted. The research programme – continuous, whole industry, focused – is unique.

We continue to strive to bring our clients the very best media measurement and analytical services, through a program of on-going research and investment designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of our market.

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