Get the most out of your marketing budget with data driven buyer presonas

Access hundreds of data driven buyer personas and remove the guess work from your marketing

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Put your target audience at the heart of your marketing with effective buyer personas

All too often businesses across the globe make decisions about their marketing budget spend based on guess work. We think they read this publication... most people in the industry attend this event... So and so is the most influential in this market...

Yaudience has been created to help marketers and business owners across the globe make data driven decisions about their marketing strategies. Our buyer personas are built by extrapolating data from millions of social and web profiles.

Want to find out how best to target finance directors in the UK? Maybe you need to find the most effective ways to market to CTO’s in the USA? Our buyer personas allow you to uncover the real-life watering holes of your target audiences. Who are the key influencers? What is their favourite pastime? What brands do they follow?

Take your marketing to the next stage with Yaudience buyer personas.

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Get the most out of your marketing budget with data driven buyer personas

Our B2B buyer personas allow you to select from over 200 job functions across 6 countries. Our personas have been created to showcase the most useful and interesting data about your target audience that you can apply to every aspect of your marketing strategy. From selecting speakers at your next event, to finding the content sources that will get you the highest audience penetration.

In application our data has helped businesses identify how to better spend their marketing budgets from sponsorship, to advertising, content and social media. Yaudience reports utilise both AI and the skill of expert data analysts who review and research to flag anomalies and give reasoning. This blended approach ensures the most effective and qualified data is applied to our buyer personas.

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Dig deeper into the data and define personas dedicated to your business

Yaudience’s buyer personas help businesses to drive growth and maximise return on investment from their marketing spend. Whilst our off the shelf personas provide a fantastic starting point we can fine tune them even further. Our team of data experts can dig deeper into the data to help you better understand your target audiences.

Creating BEspoke Audience Intelligence Report

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